BounceBully Help

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Do you offer technical support?
Since BounceBully is a completely free program we are unable to offer any technical support. Generally, it should be quite easy to use and you can review the tutorial above which should answer basic questions. If you absolutely must have technical support you can upgrade to Spam Bully, our full featured spam program which comes with technical support.

How can this be free? What is the catch?
There is no catch this is a completely free program and has absolutely NO adware or spyware (We hate software which has that junk too:-). We built this program to increase interest in our shareware product Spam Bully. If you are looking for the best anti-spam software on the market, check it out. If you are happy only bouncing and punishing messages, just use BounceBully:-)

I no longer wish to use BounceBully how do I uninstall it?
Go to your START menu, then to All Programs, click the folder labeled BounceBully and then choose the uninstall option. Make sure BounceBully is closed when you do this.

I have a great new feature I would like to see, will you add it to BounceBully?
No but we will consider adding it to Spam Bully if we don't already have it.

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